Our Drone Fleet

To provide our services, Drone Des Champs uses the best drones on the market. In order to do that, we’ve created a partnership with the company Drone Action 360.

« TITUS » the Mavic Pro

« TITUS »  is the first step for Drone Des Champs. It will be used for recording Ultra HD 4K video, to keep your best events for ever.


Description et avantages du Mavic Pro :

Description and benefits of the Mavic Pro:

DJI’s Mavic Pro is small drone that has great flight capacity. His sensors can recognizes obstacles and has a follow mode to keep centered on moving subjects. It can record 4K video at 30 fps or 1080p at 96 fps, can take 12M pixels pictures, and stabilizes the images with it’s 3 axis gimbal. Beside, it can flight up to 65 km/h due to its light weight (<1 kg) the Mavic Pro belongs to the exemptions Transport Canada gave, so it is much faster to get the SFOC, depending on the location of the mission.



« DARIUS » will be step 2 for Drone Des Champs. It will be used  to provide precise and aimed spreading, according to your demands dear clients.

Description and benefits of the Agras MG-1S :

The Agras MG-1S is equipped with a spreading system and a pressure sensor that guarantees very precise operations. The advantage of the planification option for operation system,allow one pilot alone to operate the drone. He will schedule the spreading mission, manage the flight in real time and have a close look at the functioning state of the drone. The MG-1S is a high performance drone which offers complete solution to upkeep and to care about your planting.

The DJI’s Agras MG-1S brings a true solution to farmers for every spreading operation. It can lift up to 10 liters of liquid in its tank and deliver the necessary treatment to your fields with a surgical accuracy.

The MG-1S uses the A3 flight controller and a triple radar system that gives an impressive terrain following for a quality spreading. The Agras can be updated with a RTK positioning system, to provide an increased precision, up to the centimeter.